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Current members of Lake Houston Knights: Please register on the site. Also, check the forum regularly for any news.



Lake Houston Knights is a chess club for home schooled students who like to play chess or who would like to learn how to play. All ages, K-12th, and all skill levels are welcome. 

Information is also available for students who are interested in competitive tournaments, the 

chess team, and advanced chess classes. 



10 spaces available




Club dues:


 $45 per student, per semester. Discounts for mulit-child registrations 

 $75 per student for Advance Chess Class (Space is Limited) paid to the Teacher




Wednesdays, 2:00 to 3:30pm;

Advance Class 3:30- 4:30 pm (additional cost)



Grace Covenant Basptist Church

23731 Ford Rd, Porter, TX 77365


Pairings are an important part of Chess Club. We pair our students with the Class and help them learn what a tournament match looks like.  They will pick up their Group name tag and find your table number and wait for their opponent.  At 2:05 we post the pairings.  


If you were here the week before you will be paired the next week. If not you may start a game with another player and we will add you to the next set of  pairings.  Communication will be the key.


With over 40 students playing chess, pairings are the best way to help chess club run smoothly. 

Pairings are a competition, Remind your students to play their very best. This time is not training time.  It is to help us determine if we have your children in the right class/group.  Or if they need to play harder or equally matched players.  It does take a few games for the computer to work.  I know that this seems different but this is how chess is played.  Our continued effort is to help our chess club understand the game of chess.   


Bughouse tournament is a fun way for our student to practice chess as a team.  It takes three people to make a team.  Jackson Vincent is the Bughouse teacher and director.  We play bughouse every last Wednesday of each month.  



Thank you so much for allowing your children to come.  Our hope is for them to learn chess and grow in their social skills.  


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Michelle Cox, Chess Advisers. Or you may speak with any of our Student Teachers. (Below)

Got questions? Contact Us

Thanks for contacting Lake Houston Knights! We will be in touch shortly!

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